Gen 3 Spinda (NU Revamp)


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With one of the best movepools in the entire game you'd think there would be some hope for this stupid panda; but alas, its stats are just so, so, so bad it has a hard time accomplishing anything. Spinda and Delcatty are the only Pokemon in NU that get access to Calm Mind and Baton Pass, and Spinda also gets access to Hypnosis to put whichever Pokemon gets trapped against the chain to sleep to make continuing the chain easier. However, it is frailer and slower than Delcatty, meaning if you have a sleep move elsewhere on the chain you're better off choosing the cat over this poor slump of a Pokemon. If you ever find yourself facing a Spinda off of a Baton Pass chain there's no way of telling what it's up to considering its movepool, which gives it some essence of danger; but, again, its stats are so bad it won't ever be too threatening.

name: Calm Mind + Baton Pass
move 1: Calm Mind
move 2: Baton Pass
move 3: Hypnosis
move 4: Substitute
item: Leftovers / Salac Berry
ability: Own Tempo
nature: Timid
evs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spe

- Spinda fits best on BP chains that have special sweeper in mind as the end receiver and want to give it some bulk over Volbeat's Tail Glow
- Hypnosis is Spinda's ace in the hole, and while it isn't totally reliable, A) you're using Spinda and B) it can totally cripple the opponent and make switching to your receiver much easier
- Substitute protects Spinda from status and gives a safe entry onto the field for the next Pokemon on the chain, can also make it possible to get down to low HP and activate Salac Berry to give it another boost to pass
- An attacking move can be run over Hypnosis, but Hypnosis is the reason you're using Spinda over Delcatty in the first place

- Timid and max Speed needed to outrun as much as possible
- Wish is an option, but a few other Pokemon have access to it and BP and Spinda's access to Hypnosis is pretty unique on chains
- Safeguard is another option to protect the team from status, but Substitute pretty much accomplishes this anyway and Delcatty is better at it anyway (and Heal Bell)
- Encore can further cripple the chosen victim trapped against the BP chain by locking it into Rest or something
- Typical BP chain members needed, Mawile, Ariados, Huntail, Plusle

[Other Options]
- Spinda's movepool is gigantic, but largely unusable considering its stats
- Choice Band
- Trick
- SubPunch
- Disable
- Flail

[Checks and Counters]
- Roar Wailord, Piloswine, Flareon, Tropius
- Hitmonchan
- Outside of BP chain, the list is pretty endless and hinges on the moves it uses

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